It's time for your close up.

An entry level experience

4-8 Participants

50% Success Rate

Congratulations! You won a chance to appear on “Natural Selection”, a live-streaming web series. You don’t know what the show is about, but you were told it has a cult-following and you get to relax in the star lounge before the show. What fun! But, there’s something much darker going on here. You have an hour to get to the bottom of it. Fifteen minutes of fame isn’t worth much if you’re not around to enjoy it!



Will you prove worthy?

An intermediate challenge

4-8 Participants

35% Success Rate

The envelope is as worn-out as the aged lawyer who hands it to you. Inside is a will and testament, bequeathing you the entire estate…of a relative whose name you do not recognize. The will stipulates that you must go immediately to the house of the deceased, where more details will be revealed.

An unknown relative, an unclear inheritance, and an unexplained urgency.

What could go wrong?



In the dark with flashlights!

An intermediate challenge

4-10 Participants

35% Success Rate

Your team of professional thieves has taken on some risky jobs, but this one will push you to the limit. You've been tipped off that a local crime boss has a priceless artifact locked in a vault at a nearby factory. You’ll only have a one hour window to break in and escape with the item. Oh, and if you get caught, you won’t end up in prison, you’ll end up in the morgue.



Travel back in time to save the world!

An advanced challenge room

3-6 Participants

20% Success Rate

Assembled to investigate a mysterious portal, you will embark on a perilous journey back in time to a realm of dark magic. Can you find the Sorcerer’s lair quickly enough to stop him from completing his spell of destruction?

*this room is not suggested for beginners


THE CELLAR II: Saul's Revenge

Even scarier than the original!

An advanced challenge room

4-8 Participants

25% Success Rate

You escaped Saul’s dungeon and he was reportedly killed in a confrontation with the Sheriff. The neighborhood seemed safe again...until the recent disappearances. Is “The Butcher” still alive? Do you dare return to his bloody basement for the answer?



A zoo-themed escape adventure designed for up to 8 children (ages 7-11).

The zookeeper at the Zany Zoo really goofed up, and accidentally locked up the adults in the animal enclosure! It’s up to the kids to solve the puzzles scattered around the zoo and set the adults free!


(Adults are free and able to watch the kids, but do not participate in solving puzzles.)