Did you know?

Lock & Clue exclusively offers Private Rooms!


What does that mean you ask?

Unlike other escape businesses, all

Lock & Clue escape rooms are private experiences – So once you book it, all the other spots are blocked out. That's right, no need to ask if your group will be joined by another. No apprehension about working with strangers. No need to worry whether someone from outside your group will sabotage your ability to escape – We can't do anything about the people you bring with you though!

In your booking confirmation email there is an "Invite Your Friends" link you can send out to anyone whom you wish to add – Or you can give us a call and we can add your additional participants manually.

Keep in mind, the number of persons added and the total number of participants already booked cannot exceed the rooms maximum occupancy (Ten inside The Vault. Eight inside The Inheritance, and Green Room; Six inside the Cellar 2 and Sorcerers Curse)

Have a couple more friends who wish to join your group?